Friday, January 26, 2007

Write you bastard, WRITE!

So yeah I've been writing more and more. I'm working on a second draft of a film that I could possible do. As I write more it gets a bit more ambitious then I thought it would, but then again aiming for above what I wanted isn't too bad. If it ever gets into production I'll worry about it then. As for now I have one criteria in getting this script done and that is is it doable. I know it's all in the rewrites. I've read books, and heard commentaries about it all. Now it's time to apply what I've learned.

Granted I have no idea if I'll get this script to the screen, but I promised myself that after this one I would write another outline for a film, and then maybe even tackle a long dormant project I had started but never really finished. One is even a short story which I think is more possible, and would satisfy my hunger to get behind a camera again. Yes it's a full addiction, and after the day job it's hard to get motivated or enough energy to write but it's what I need to do. I know so many other people who are or were better writers then me who have not written a word since they gave it up. I can't fault them. It's always an uphill battle, and life does have a way of getting in the way of things.

Since undergoing my writing campaign I've become a bit more more imaginative. The side of the brain where imagination is sparked is slowly kicking in. As a child I cultivated this area like no other. Drawing, writing and filming. It was a good time, and I'm finding a resurgence of it quite invigorating. Again I can't say where this will lead. I would like to post the scripts that I finish on some websites like Trigger street dot com, or Coppola's web site. I haven't really gone to them in awhile, and it would be good to get other peoples ideas and opinions. The promise of not being in a vacuum is what inspires me to do so.

Creativity is a hard thing to cultivate. One can get stuck in the world with real world problems and slowly let the creative side of your brain die. We choke it off by involving ourselves in other peoples lives and not taking care of what is important to us.

Things will move on, and its important to dive into life and have something other then just writing or filmmaking or whatever else you like. Some of the best ideas and experiences come from involving yourself in the messy chaos we call life.

So I'm writing. I'm still trying to reach out to others but am finding it hard to coordinate schedules and actually sit down and talk. I've always admired the French New wave of the 50's and 60's. A bunch of film critics and film enthusiasts getting together and talking about cinema. I would love to know what they discussed, and how they collaborated. It would be eye opening I'm sure.

Well its just a dream for now. Maybe something will come out of it. I just need to push forward, and keep on trucking.

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