Friday, July 17, 2009

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (2009)

First off my oldest loves Transformers, and my youngest likes the smack downs that the robots seem to get into. That said you have to take this review with some biased. Going into the movie I was unsure whether to have my boys see the film. I heard a lot about it, but in the end my boys desire to see it with his buddy was overwhelming, and so we ALL went.

To say that I was disappointed about all the swearing in the movie is an understatement, but then I'm not one to shelter my children. To say that my big boy loved is is an understatement. He did not get up once to use the restrooms. He was that engrossed into the film. My little one only liked the rock-em sock-em time when the robots battled. Hey what can you expect, and all the colorful language seemed to go right over his head.

We had FUN when we went to see this film. It was loud, long, and did I say LOUD! But it seems that is what we pay our money to see. In the end it's all about the merchandising of the film, and merchandise they do. Go to any Target and head on over to the toy department. Transformer mana from heaven for the little tike's.

But this is suppose to be a review of the film. Is it a well made film. I'd have to say no, but that's me. In time this will only serve as a live action cartoon like movie. There are a lot of plot holes throughout the movie, but again it's a movie, and it comes at you hard and fast. Did we have a good time watching this movie? Yeah you bet. hey even the wife liked it, and so that's why it's doing what it's doing. It's breaking box office because people want to be entertained, and there are some laughs in this, so it's not all serious rock-em, sock-em robots.

Some critics have talked about the two new Transformers that speak how should I say very "ghetto". Since the two robots in question were the comedic relief I kind of liked them. I understand some critics and some of the audience being put off by them, but I have to say that the movie is based on a toy, and a 80's cartoon. It's not masterpiece theater. This film will be out before November in time to be under the trees for Christmas, and that's when the studio makes a whole lot more money. Because kids watch their favorite films over and over and over again. I know I'll be hearing the soundtrack of this film for several years (~sigh).

In the end it's a fun film to see in the theaters. It's not high brow entertainment. It's just FUN, with a capital F, and I liked seeing my boys engrossed in the film. They LOVE Optimus Prime, and he's a pretty good character. So if you have little ones I'd say see it. If they have any questions later they'll ask you about it, but I'm telling you little boys loves dueling robots, and after all it's message is about co-operation, and doing what's right even though it may be the hard thing to do. With that I really can't complain.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

DIY -Days

I've been in a funk, and the only way I feel to get out of it is throw things in the air. Meet new people, hear creative people who may be in the same boat I'm in. Film making is not a solitary endeavor. It involves a lot of people, and so this seemed like a good forum to go to, and re-charge the batteries.

Writing can only take you so far. What I need and want is creative input. I've been seriously thinking of just saying no more, but a little inner voice says no, and I'm listening to it. Even my wife wants me to continue.

I've always said it takes energy to get a project off the ground, and maybe this conference may just do that. I've always been up front with people. If you tell them what you want to do maybe some others can figure out how to help you. You just need to get out there, so we'll see how it all works out.

Trust me I've been silent, but only for a reason. If I had anything worth saying I'd say it, but right now I don't. Figured posting about this event may interest others out there.