Saturday, October 24, 2009

Laundrea Thomas

I just found out that Ms Laudrea Thomas died on August 9th of this year in Los Angeles California. It seems that she took her own life. She was 32 and she was way too young to leave this earth. I'm not going to say that I knew Ms Thomas very well. She was in my movie "Deadly Obsessions", and she was a pleasure to work with. I had hoped some how that someday we would work together again because it's so hard to find real good talent who have a passion for what they do.

To say that I was taken a back by this news of Laundrea's death is an understatement. I can still remember Laundrea's first day of shooting Of "Deadly Obsessions" it seems that she had car problems and her car broke down on the PA Turnpike on the day she was suppose to check in to shoot her scenes. Her father managed to rescue her, and drive her to the hotel where I had some of the cast & crew staying. Laundrea still made it on time and even brought some props that she thought we could use, which we did. She was a happy and determined young lady who gave 110%. I will always remember her that way and her laugh.

There is not much else I can say. The world is a little darker, and less friendly knowing that such a lovely women is nolonger with us. A link to her obituary is here & here.

Memorial contributions in Laundrea's memory may be made to Domestic Violence Services, PO Box 359, Lancaster, PA 17608.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Content & Communications World Expo

I happen to be lucky enough to be invited to the Content & communications World Expo here in NYC, and take in a few presentations about digital media. First off it was very interesting to meet and see the men & women who work in the digital realm. Coming from an educational background I don't get to see, or play with the newest pieces of technology due to budgetary constraints. Where I work we do keep up with technology, but technology is a strange mistress. As soon as you get to know her she changes, and what you've learned about her becomes obsolete fast. I was hoping to see more technology for the class room, but here at the CCW expo it was more and more about monetizing the digital arena.

Since the technology is so quick to change there are companies trying to figure out how one can use digital technology and turn a profit doing it. I have no problem with this idea. Like all new techno logic breakthroughs there has always been people who want to profit from it, and make it more accessible to the consumer. Since the expo is called content & communications I met the people who provide the content to many different companies. From Television, to cable and even the Internet there are many people who contribute to this content. Yest as a society we seem to consume more content then we can produce. Also our content has become more and more specialized, or should I say more and more segmented.

In today's world its all about the here and now. I want what I want now, and if I can't have it instantly I go somewhere else. That's why there is a shift happening in media. Where Television, newspapers and magazines dominated in the past it is now all about on-demand satisfaction. This is in part because digital media is breaking out of it's box. No longer is digital media relegated to the computer, but it is now in our hands via cell phones and blackberry's. It is what we even watch. Eighty-five percent of us get our news via cable. The days of rabbit ears on the television are gone. Yet terrestrial TV is not dead. It has only changed, and is working hand in hand with digital networks. Through meta-data, SMS, and RSS we are connecting more and more with what we want to see. If your interest is in cooking you can find things about cooking a lot easier now, and so can marketers & advertisers. That's what I mean about segmented. These content providers need to get their content seen and they need to find an audience. Through digital technology this is happening more and more.

I can go on, and on about this and perhaps will since there is so much to digest, but what does this mean for me you are saying? Simple. To get or attract an audience you need to get it in front of eyes that want to see it. There is a number of various ways to do this, but I think you'll agree that the movies or serials you produce need to find their audience. Cutting through the clutter is a subject I've touched on previously here in this blog.

You can look at it in two ways. One, there is so much clutter that it's hard to stand out from the rest, or two you can do your own marketing and target the exact people who would be interested in your content.

I said it before and I'll say it again. There is a lot to say about all this, and a lot more to write about. I'll try and go through my notes and dissect them, and try to filter the most useful information out of them. I was very surprised that I came away from the expo a lot more optimistic, and hopeful then I thought I might. Maybe I can explain why here.

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A New Beginning!

It's been a while, and yet here I am. It's been a strange month, and now that were going into October that extra chill in the air kind of gives me a new spring in my step. Life has a way of running on by, and if you don't stop to look you just might miss it. So what's with the new Aggy philosophy? Since when is this a blog about feelings? Isn't it about film making?

Yes. Yes it is, and it time this fellow got back up, and start doing what he likes doing. Fuck fame & fortune. I'm not here to be the next Rodriguez, or Tarintino I'm here for me. Now don't get me wrong it would be really cool to get the recognition for ones films, and even make a living doing it. But the real question is why do I like film making.

Easy. Self expression. Before DV, and before the Internet I was just a dude with a camera who liked putting on shows, and telling stories. A lot of those stories were based on things I was watching, both on TV and at the movies. It was in college that I began to see film making as more then just storytelling, but as an art form. Unfortunately it is also commerce, and a lot of movies these days are just that commerce. Nothing bad about that, but I like a little meat on my bones. In essence more substance is what I'm after.

I've been looking at road blocks and been distracted from my goals. If there is something worth saying somehow you find a way to say it. That's not to say I've gotten all serious and high falutin about it all. Oh! not at all. I was more productive, and having MORE fun when I was doing my own little low budget horror, sci-fi epics then I was doing it professionally.

There are people out there who are doing there own thing, and having a good time doing it. I want to be one of those people again. Life is way too short for excuses. I need to produce, and in today's technology that is easier then it ever was. I mean do you know how hard it is or was to splice spaghetti (super-8) together? It's a lot easier now, and there is a lot of technology that can help.

So is this a new chapter? Maybe. I just need to break out of my own insecurities, and get that child like wonder back.

Anyone else feel that way?