Wednesday, October 07, 2009

A New Beginning!

It's been a while, and yet here I am. It's been a strange month, and now that were going into October that extra chill in the air kind of gives me a new spring in my step. Life has a way of running on by, and if you don't stop to look you just might miss it. So what's with the new Aggy philosophy? Since when is this a blog about feelings? Isn't it about film making?

Yes. Yes it is, and it time this fellow got back up, and start doing what he likes doing. Fuck fame & fortune. I'm not here to be the next Rodriguez, or Tarintino I'm here for me. Now don't get me wrong it would be really cool to get the recognition for ones films, and even make a living doing it. But the real question is why do I like film making.

Easy. Self expression. Before DV, and before the Internet I was just a dude with a camera who liked putting on shows, and telling stories. A lot of those stories were based on things I was watching, both on TV and at the movies. It was in college that I began to see film making as more then just storytelling, but as an art form. Unfortunately it is also commerce, and a lot of movies these days are just that commerce. Nothing bad about that, but I like a little meat on my bones. In essence more substance is what I'm after.

I've been looking at road blocks and been distracted from my goals. If there is something worth saying somehow you find a way to say it. That's not to say I've gotten all serious and high falutin about it all. Oh! not at all. I was more productive, and having MORE fun when I was doing my own little low budget horror, sci-fi epics then I was doing it professionally.

There are people out there who are doing there own thing, and having a good time doing it. I want to be one of those people again. Life is way too short for excuses. I need to produce, and in today's technology that is easier then it ever was. I mean do you know how hard it is or was to splice spaghetti (super-8) together? It's a lot easier now, and there is a lot of technology that can help.

So is this a new chapter? Maybe. I just need to break out of my own insecurities, and get that child like wonder back.

Anyone else feel that way?


Pete Bauer said...

I'm with ya. I remember splicing together Super-8 film. No easy task, that's for sure :)

Len Esten said...

For me there was a curve with filmmaking where I felt upset that things weren't going down the path of making a living at it... but like you, I just love doing it.

I came to the conclusion that making money at filmmaking is not as important to me and just doing it. Lots of great artists have kept day jobs: Andy Warhol and Harvey Pekar just to name two.