Monday, January 08, 2007

Rocky Balboa

So after seeing the other night the original film "Rocky" on TMC I had to see the last and final one in this franchise known as Rocky. I am a BIG admirer of the first one, and still find it today a very inspiring and tender story both in its story and in how the movie was made. To say that the original film came out of nowhere is an understatement. The film was about an underdog and it championed the underdog to mythic levels. I don't care if you're into boxing or not at the end of the original you'll feel as you went 15 rounds with Rocky, and when you hear Bill Conti's theme blaring there is no way you can not be involved. The movie rocks and the man who made it rock if you'll excuse the pun is the man Sly Stallone. He's a good writer and a good study of the human condition. Sure Stallone may be more known for his Rambo series then his Rocky, but you can't take away what Stallone wrote. He also stuck to his guns and wanted himself to do the film. It was him or nobody, and it took balls to do and say that. So give Stallone some credit, and give him his props he does GOOD work. I just wish he would write more, or get more into producing or directing for that matter.

So that leads me to "Rocky Balboa" the latest and final film of the Rocky franchise, and I really liked it. Sure it's a bit hyped,but there is a message in the film, and Stallone gives it halfway through the film. "That there is MORE" resonated with me. Hey! Maybe its a bit of a formula film, but Stallone filmed most of the film here in Philadelphia, and he does the city justice. Philly isn't all golden and shinny. It's worn, and deteriorated in places, but it's characters like Rocky that litter the landscape of Philly and give it character. Again when Bill Conti's theme comes on you can't help but feel something.

For all the underdogs, or the older folks who think life has passed them by go see this film. Is it a dream? Yes, and movies are dreams anyway, but one that instills hope, and has you rocking out of the theater with fists in the air can't be all that bad. For the final Rocky film "Rocky Balboa" is a good film to end on. All I'd like to say is thanks to Mr. Stallone for taking us on a ride with Rocky. The character Rocky has touched a lot of lives and has edged it's indelible mark in American cinema forever.

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