Thursday, December 21, 2006

Time Management?

So how do I begin? I've been writing a screenplay that was so-so, and is slowly becoming something I'm interested in. I've been reading a lot of film criticism blogs lately, and I sometimes feel as though I'm not culturally empowered. I always feel as though I'm playing catch-up. I do read, and go to movies, but in my older age I've become more selective. Maybe it's a time thing. There are only a certain amount of hours in the day that I can create or try to indulge in my film making endeavors. After that theirs work, family, and sleep. So where do I try and catch up? Well let's see. If I cut in on my sleep time I'll be a big grumpy mess, who will eventually rap his car around some tree, so sleep is good and it's better to have more of it then less of it. Trust me as you get older you'll feel it. Then theirs family time. Let's see I grew up with a father who worked hard, and had little time for his family. It kind of sucked, and I never really got to know my dad as well as I'd liked to have, so that's not an option. After all I really like to know what my boys are up to and I'm sure they'd like to know their father a bit more. Work is a given. Can't shorten that without getting hit in the old pocket book, so that isn't an option. So again where do I fit in all that I want to do in order for me to be a productive artist, and one who is creative?

Selectivity is the key. I used to go to a lot of movies in my youth, but I've become selective. The mainstream isn't for me. Reading books is even harder. If it doesn't have anything to do with the cinema I'm probably not interested. Maybe it's short sighted, and limiting, but with the time I have I can't waste time on a novel that I MAY like. I've said it here in this blog that I'm a very technical oriented guy. It's a plus and also an Achilles heel for me at the same time. If it's one thing in film making I've learned it's knowing what will work and what won't technically work. Of course then there are times where you throw out the technical manual and wing it. So being too stuck in the technical can make for a boring and flawed film.

Originality is something I try for, but it's impossible to do. There is always someone or some film that is similar to yours. It's how you stage it, and present it to the audience that makes it stand out. So again how do I stay culturally relevant when I don't have time to see or read everything that might be relevant? Simple answer: I don't. I do what I think is relevant, and what I find as interesting. Going with the flow never seemed to be a viable option. If it was I'd be working for one of the studios in La-La land churning out reality series or cheap sit-coms.

In the grand scheme of things I know I'm nobody significant. There are a lot of others who produce good work. My challenge is to produce work that I can be happy with, and yet maybe just maybe make a unique piece of work. It's a dream, but it's a dream worth while working for.

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