Sunday, December 24, 2006

Deadly Obsessions

Okay so I've been thinking about it more and more, and so why not. I've been saying that this blogs purpose is to reach like minded people like myself. Filmmakers, film enthusiasts, and people who just love the cinema. Call me crazy but the cinema is a passion of mine. Heck I even made a film that's how crazy I am about the cinema. I've learned valuable lessons in what to do and what NOT to do, yet with all its headaches I still want to make more films. I'm finding it frustrating to move on, and do another film. Since this time of year is a time of reflection for most of us I too have also been doing just that. So what am I getting at? Well if you are a reader of this blog I thank-you whole heartily for reading these meanderings of this crazed person. I also want to extend my thanks and give you a chance to see the film that I did. Just send me your mailing address to: kgbproductions AT gmail DOT com. I check on this email every so often, so I'll check it in a few days and see how the response is going. I have a limited amount of DVD's to give, so I'm hoping not to run out. I'll let you know how it goes, and I'll be real honest about its progress.

If you'd like to review the film on you're own blog that would be great. Both positive and negative reviews are welcomed. I'm a big boy and I believe I can take the criticism. Maybe we can even discuss what I did and how I did it. Anything that would be helpful to you in getting your own project off the ground would be a kick and something that would make me happy and all this worth while.

I'll leave a deadline of January 31st for all inquirers to be sent. After that the offer expires.

You won't get it right away since I'll be sending the videos out as I get the money to mail them out. Every payday for me more will be sent out. That I promise. I also promise NOT to keep any of the addresses that are emailed to me. As soon as I send the DVD out I'll discard the info.

So again thanks for reading, and I hope that in some way a project of yours is getting closer and closer to fruition, and that you find yourself happy and healthy in the New Year.

Thanks again. Hope all have a HAPPY NEW YEAR and a productive and safe one.

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