Saturday, December 30, 2006


So I've been re-writing a screenplay of mine, and I'm suddenly more and more liking it. Of course I have no idea on how I'll get this into production, but for now I'm enjoying the experience of writing a new screenplay. As all of you know there are several stages a filmmaker goes through with his or her film. At any one of those stages the project can fall apart, or go through some drastic changes. I enjoy the writing stage, but it's a lonely one, and it all happens in your head. I know from experience that what is put down on paper is usually only a blueprint and that with more and more outside influences come change. It's a good thing and a bad thing. You as the originator of the idea have to know what is a good idea and what isn't. That person is called the director, and it's you're job to direct the project to a good and satisfying conclusion. In other words you NEED to know what happens and you need to get form point A to point Z. A director realizes his or her vision.

But in the early stages as the writer the imagination does rule. With me I can't help but see real world problems that will happen in a production so because of that I try not to write things like: "and Charlie saw something that mankind had never ever seen before". Somehow I try to write things that I can shot.

Any way right now I'm just happy that the ideas are coming, and that my characters are developing. It's a good feeling to wrestle with those creative juices, and just be creative. Maybe it's my Christmas gift to myself. It's cheap, and I can work with that. See you in the funny papers people.

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