Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Improv & good acting

Style. What is it? All artists struggle with their style. What is it?, and how is it unique from all other artists work. I guess that's where I'm at now. Working on different projects and trying to find MY style. It isn't easy figuring what to say least how to say it, so there are a lot of starts and stops. It's simple though. I adore film or as some call it "the cinema". There is a lot of crap out there, and trying not to contribute to that crap can be a angst type of proposition. So you write, and photograph, and write some more, and photograph some more, and see where that takes you.

Like I said before filmmaking is a collaborative art, so there are many cooks who stir the stew. Sometimes this isn't such a good idea, and at other times it is a brilliant idea. I'm somewhere in the middle. Good writing sells itself, but so does good acting, and with acting one needs to have certain freedoms, and not be too constrained by the script.Of course creating such a work can be a frustrating endeavor. How much of you do you put into it, and how much do you let someone else play with your material. It's all a matter of degrees, and something I'm finding a bit nerve wrecking.

But when one is faced with strict realities in the production, and producing of a film one has a tendency to create good art, and hopefully that's where this leads. Of course good art has to be about something, and has to have an audience. One needs some sort of hook, or some exploitative element that makes the piece interesting for a wider audience.

SO the endeavor continues. I'll get back to you on how successful I become.

Till then stay creative.

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