Tuesday, November 15, 2005

HD or Not?

So as I do more and more research into the digital realm I'm thinking HD is posed to explode. Already companies such as Sony and JVC are getting into the act and putting out HD camcorders for consumers. Not long ago one would never think about making movies on a prosumer type camera, but it's being done, and with some good results. Most all non-linear editors now are beginning to support HD, and with more and more HD cameras out there more films are going to be shot in HD. The image is superb, and you can't beat the quality for the price. So I'm sure there will be a flood of product in the near future touting HD quality. A lot of films will be awful, while some will break new ground.

I'm currently writing a project to be done digitally. Something quick, & fast, which I can finish digitally. HD is holding my interest, but I need to do some more tests, and coming from a film background helps. I know how to light a scene, yet doing it in HD is somewhat different, but similar if that makes any sense. Blacks aren't as rich as I'd like, and the image has a tendency to be blown out easily. So the experiment continues. All I can say is that the possibilities of manipulating the image becomes endless when shooting digitally. As Robert Rodriguez say's in his interviews of late. The filmmaker can now have the power of a whole studio behind him just by going digital, and all he or she needs are the tools, which are available to all. How long till Rodriguez and others begin to bypass the studio sysytem and get the BIG bucks for themselves. Like I said the digital realm is unique and it's a great leveler in the game of filmmaking. So here's to more experimenting, and more production.

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