Sunday, June 02, 2013

Star Trek: Into the Darkness (2013)

After seeing Star Trek Into the Darkness I have to say that the franchise seems to be in good hands.  Being a fan of the series, and the movies I was a little worried about re-vamping the franchise, but all those worries were for nothing.  The creators of the new Star Trek seem to respect and admire its past while giving us a new future.  What Star Trek is about hope.  Hope that man gets it right after all it's screw ups and that the human race does makes it to the stars and becomes a catalyst for hope in the universe.  That's the big picture of course.  What Star Trek is also about and what makes it a phenomenon is its all about relationships.  The crew of the Enterprise is like a big family and the two centered in that family is the relationship between Spock and Kirk.  It is these two characters that make the adventure of Star Trek so endearing to its fans.  In the old series William Shatner, and Leonard Nimoy were two sides of the coin.  Both trying to understand each other while showing love and respect for one another.  It is their relationship that has catapulted them into many adventures that us fans so like.  The other characters in Star Trek such as Sulu, Uhura, Scottty, Bones, and Chekov were also part of the family, and the filmmakers of the new envisioned Start Trek know that.  In fact they take it a step further and throw a few surprises in the relationship to make us more interested in our merry band of explorers.

I won't get into the plot or even say what its about.  It's best seen not knowing too much of the film.  What I will say is its a nod at the movie "Wrath of Kahn", which itself was and still is one of the best Star Trek films made.  "Wrath of Kahn" took the franchise into uncharted territory for the Star Trek franchise, while at the same time enhancing the relationship between the characters that we have grown to love. 

JJ Abrams does the same thing, and gives us a few surprises to keep it all fresh.  The acting is a joy to watch, and its all because of the casting.  Lightning seems to have been caught again in a bottle, and Abrams knows what to do.  What we are given is a true re-birth of Star Trek and what makes it so endearing to us fans.  All the actors do a great job, and you can sense their enjoyment working with each other.

I really liked what they did with the franchise, and I enjoyed the film.  I think if you're not a fan you'll enjoy the film just for the  sheer pace of the film.  It's a fast pace film with lots of chills and thrills for the moviegoer who isn't a fan of the franchise, but for us fans it a great re-boot and a fun ride.

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