Thursday, June 27, 2013

Man of Steel (2013)

So for Father's day we all went to see "The Man of Steel".  I have always been a BIG Superman fan, and remember seeing the old episodes of Superman on the TV while I was growing up.  So I was anxious to see this new one.  I have to say that I wasn't disappointed at seeing it.  Now I do remember when Superman came out while I was a teenager.  The two Superman movies were something special for me, and Christopher Reeve was a very special Superman.  But I always wondered what happened to Superman during his teenage years.  Sure I read the Superboy comic books as a child, but in those he just seemed like a Superman who was just younger.  In "The Man of Steel" Superman is seen more human.  He is conflicted about who he is and what he is.  The flashbacks of him and his Earth dad Pa Kent is touching and revealing.  After all could not have Superman been bad.  Could he have used his powers for evil instead of good, and this movie explains why Superman is our champion.  Also we see his original father a bit more, but still having a presence in Superman's life.

I enjoyed the movie because of these things.  In the older movies Superman was one dimensional, but here he's a bit more, and I liked that.  I'm not saying I hate the older movies or the TV series.  They are still as good as they were, and just as fun to watch as this one is, but "Man of Steel" gives us the conflict that Superman has.

Now I know some people are upset by this film, and how Superman is portrayed, but I like how the filmmakers made it more detailed.  More cerebral, then the other films.  This in no way lessens the film, but what it does do is make it less exciting to younger kids.  I took my two boys and they loved the fight scenes, and they enjoyed seeing Krypton, and how it exploded, but they were less amused by Superman's emotional  revelations.  Is the movie not for children?  Yes and no.  After the movie my boys seemed to have liked it, but I did sense that during the movie they were more interested in their popcorn then what was happening on the screen.  But I don't fault the filmmakers for this.  I applaud them for making a mature themed Superman.  "The Man of Steel" is a film that shows us hero's have their vulnerabilities, and I'm not talking about Kryptonite, but what makes us who we are.  Our character.  Superman's character was always truth, justice and the American way, but in a multi-cultural society such as ours he is a hero to ALL because he's just like us.   That's what appealed to me.  Also with any movie with Superheros there has to be a villain and General Zod played by Michael Shannon is a worthy opponent.  Shannon does a marvelous acting job as Zod, and he is a very memorable villain.  But again their is Kevin Costner as Pa Kent, and Diane Lane as Superman's earth mom, and they all contribute to the film.  Their performances make this film what it is.  Also Russell Crowe's performance as Jor-el is also one to note.  It is all these performances that make "Man of Steel" worth going to see.

I did have a problem with the pacing, but my boys felt it more then I did.  It's not that roller coaster ride you get in some block-busters, but for me getting to know Superman and what made him tick was worth it.  I also have to note that the story is the beginning of a love story.  Yes I said love story.  Louis Lane's and Superman always had something, and it is in this film that we begin to see that.  In fact it's his love of Louis that compels Superman to fight for the humans.  I do hope that they pursue more of their relationship in future movies, and by the opening week-ends box office I'm sure there will be more to come.  All I can say is BRING IT ON!!!!!!

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