Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Richard Burton Matheson (1926-2013)

Yesterday I heard that we lost another great writer.  Richard Matheson was a writer of over 25 novels and countless short stories.  He was a big influence in my life because I was introduced to him through the old Twilight Zone episodes.  He wrote one of my favorite novels "I am Legend" which has been made into several movies.  "Nightmare at 20,000 feet" and the episode called "Steel" were two of my favorite Twilight Zone episodes.  He was what writers needed to aspire to.  What Mr. Matheson wrote and conveyed in a 30 minute episode no one has yet to come as close to perfecting.  His writing touched you like no one elses could.  He brought humanity into his stories, and he certainly was prolific with the work he produced.

Not only did he produce great work but he influenced others such Stephen King, George Romero, and Anne Rice just to name a few.

He will be missed, and all I can say is thank you Mr. Matheson for the great work you leave behind for future generations like my boys to discover.  Thank you also for the inspiration you provided through your writings and a BIG thanks for cultivating my creativity and the creativity of others.

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