Monday, January 18, 2010

Terminator Salvation (2009)

So I've been interested in seeing this movie for awhile. I'm a big fan of the Terminator franchise, and I really loved the original one, so I was looking forward to seeing this when I got the chance.

Well it's a good thing I didn't see it in the theaters. Picked it up on DVD as a rental and to tell you the truth the buck that I spent on the rental even seems too much. To put it more bluntly this movie is soulless. I even was surprised at Christian Bales performance. He seemed like he was phoning it in, and as for the directing I really can't say anything nice. I even recognized some shots or sequences that were done in the original movie. The one sequence I remember was when the Terminator was chasing Conner through the Terminator factory. It seemed like a direct lift from the first movie when Sarah is being chased through the factory by the Terminator. I had to play back the sequence, but I'm sure it was a direct lift from the first movie. What? Is McG (the director) saluting Cameron's first movie?

There are some interesting effects in the movie, but they are all worthless. The story seems to play out before Conner sends Resse back into the past. And it seems as though the Terminators are hunting Resse, so they know about the past future thing. My question is why didn't the Terminators off Resse right away. Instead they capture him, and put him in a cell. I mean really aren't these cyborgs a bit smarter then that?

The plot is laughable, and the performances really aren't that good, but I'll blame the director for that. And what's with the name McG? Reminds me of a McDonald's meal or something.

I have no really good things to say about this film. Sam Worthington played an interesting character, but again I blame all the performances here on the director, and at 2 hours and 15 minutes the film drags.

Save your money and don't bother renting or even buying this film. Watch ANY of the other Terminator films. Even Terminator 3 was a lot better then this. I just hope they continue the franchise because I like the films & storyline a lot. There is a lot of potential for the franchise to continue Just not with this film..

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Pete Bauer said...

I wanted to see this, but haven't heard enough positive buzz to make me want to see it either. Your viewpoint isn't helping :)