Tuesday, December 16, 2008

"Delgo" Has Worst Wide Release Opening Ever

According to the numbers the movie "Delgo" has the worst wide release opening ever. According to box office the movie earned a measly $511,920 this weekend on 2,160 screens, not even breaking the top ten.

"Delgo" is not the only major wide release bomb of the year. Three of the ten worst openings for films in over 2000 locations came out this year. The raunchy teen sex comedy "College" and the thriller "Deception," starring Hugh Jackson and Ewan MacGregor, both tanked, garnering the sixth and ninth worst openings ever respectively.

What can we take from all this? That no matter how big you open a film and it isn't from a major studio that's backing it up in its marketing your doomed to failure. Making a movie is half the battle the other half is getting it noticed and out to screens.

The story is interesting on how and who was responsible for the film. Apparently Marc Adler decided he wanted to direct and produce a $40 million computer animated kids' flick completely independent of Tinseltown behemoths like Disney and Dream works. When no body was interested he went to a distributor for hire and released it himself. The reviews were awful and that kept theater goers from coming.

Now not for nothing, but Adler had some stones to release it his way. I'll give him that. But it's hard to release something without major studio marketing. Adler even started this project back in 2001, and toiled away on a very low budget. Adler even got names to voice the characters, but in the end it was the story. I'm sure this film will do well on DVD because the children's market is a lucrative one.

This is one more example that the distribution of films have changed, and is changing as we speak. Not only for animated fare but as well as art films, thrillers, and action/adventure films.

Check out the Yahoo article here: Yahoo.

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