Tuesday, December 23, 2008


NPR had yesterday an interview with Lawrence Lessing. In his new book Remix, law professor Lawrence Lessig explores the changing landscape of intellectual property in the digital age. In the interview Lessing discusses the new forms of copyright such as the creative commons. I then came across the video "Good Copy, Bad Copy". The video discusses the new digital age and how current copyright law is being challenged. Though the film discusses the music business it does have a section on film copyright and it has an interview with the chairman & CEO of the MPAA Dan Glickman. In the film they discuss Nigeria's booming film industry all without the help of copyright.

It's an interesting look at how and where the future of copyright is heading. My only problem is I'd rather have the individual protected as a copyright holder rather then the corporations who seem to want audiences to have a limited access to their catalogues, or to charge them for it. I'm not saying that someone shouldn't make a profit on their labor, but instead we should figure out a way to compensate the artist a bit better so he or she can make MORE of his or her work.

It's how new genres are developed and born. Take a look at the video, and if you can please make a donation to help them differ costs for producing the videos.

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