Sunday, April 06, 2008

Fight Club (1999)

I have to say that when I saw David Fincher's film "Fight Club" when it first came out I didn't like it. I'm not too sure why. The film struck me as being over produced & a bit pretencions. After seeing it twice I have to say that the film has grown on me, and I see Fincher's genius at work. The film isn't just about a couple of boys starting a "fight club", but something a lot more. Finchers films are dark, and brooding films with an undercurrent of subversiveness that makes one smile. "Se7en", "Aliens 3" The Game", "Panic Room" & "Fight Club" all have several themes running through them. What these films also have in common is their darkness. In Fincher's world the world is not beautiful but filled with decay, and violence. Fincher photographs and presents these worlds in their own beauty. I would compare Fincher to dirctor David Lynch, but Fincher is more rough, and sinister.

"Fight Club" is a a film that works on a lot of levels, and that's why maybe at first viewing I missed it, or maybe it appeals to me now since I see what Fincher was really after, and that is to shock the complacency out of his audience. Fincher gives us a reality of boredom, and complacency. It is only when Tyler (Brad Pitt) comes into the picture that our world is shaken upside down. Even at the end when Fincher reveals who really Tyler is do we realize that we have been witness to one mans decent into madness.

I really liked the film. The performances by Edward Norton, Brad Pitt, and Helena Bonham-Carter are top notch. I would have loved to been in the rehearsals for this film and watch the performances evolve. The effects in the film are also stunning, and I really like the photography in this film. Fincher along with his cinematographer Jeff Cronenweth make urban decay have it's own beauty. Fight film is a good film, and one worth seeing. It works on a lot of levels, and it shows that David Fincher is a director who knows his stuff.

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