Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Fellow Maniac!

Okay. Sometimes I just LOVE the Internet. It connects people that you ordinarily wouldn't connect with. Take the video here. The filmmaker's name is James Rolfe, and he has a site called I have to say his little documentary tugged at my heart. I remember doing the things he did. Only back when I was growing up and making backyard productions it was Super-8 or 8mm.

This little documentary about James hits home. It's entertaining, and inspiring. I marvel at the quantity of his films. In a society where everyone and his cousin are making films now this brings back a time where making movies was a strange and cool thing to do. I've lost that FUN in making films, and want to so much get it back. Filmmaking was and is a vital part of my psyche, and it took another filmmaker to realize that. Thank you Mr. Rolfe.

Take a look at his work. get inspired. I know I am, and the best thing is that he lives around Philly. How cool is that. Enjoy!

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Shinygrape said...

Have you seen his angry video game nerd stuff yet? The man is brilliant! I'm going to try to get him to host project twenty1 one of the nights, so make sure you come to the after party so you can meet him! (oct 4 & 5)