Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Romance & Cigarettes

I read about this last week, and was interested in why a film like "Romance & Cigarettes" hasn't been picked up by a distributor. I mean it has stars, great production value, a great soundtrack, and it's a musical of sorts. The filmmaker John Turturro decided to self distribute, and I think he's crazy. Crazy like a fox that is.

Now comes this news from indiewire:

"Weekend earnings of $18,445 shot actor-turned-filmmaker John Turturro's self-released musical "Romance & Cigarettes" to the front of the iWBOT, as well as the top, self-released debut by a director in recent memory."

The movie is playing at the Film Forum in New York city, and it looks as though it'll be playing for awhile. Good films can and do get seen. It's just getting harder to get noticed and separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

The executive producers are both Ehtan Coen & Joel Coen. John Turturro was there last Friday night for a Q&A. You can listen to it here at the Film Forum site. Now I really need to see this film.

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