Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Reeling & Rolling!

I've been wanting to writes something here for sometime, but there's always something that prevents me from getting the old thoughts up here.

First off it seems as though John Turturro 's film "Romance & Cigarettes" is doing well at the film Forum. The film is in it's second week and has boosted a nice week-end total. According to Indiewire the film earned $15,893 at New York's Film Forum, good enough for the number one spot on the iWBOT for two weeks in a row. Plus the film "In the Valley of Elah" earned $133,557 from nine venues, which is very respectable.

Director Larry Fessenden's thriller "The Last Winter will be opening Wednesday, September 19 in limited release at the IFC. I've been a big admirer of Mr. Fessenden for some time, and after hearing him talk at a seminar here in Philly about his film "Habit" I was very inspired to do a film. Also I've been reading about one of my favorite filmmakers John Sayles who is busy putting together his film "Honeydripper". John Sayles is an all time favorite of mine, and I find what he does amazing. The quality of his films makes me shutter with joy. Mr. Say;es consistently produces good pieces of cinema, and manages to keep on doing so without the Hollywood hype machine behind him.

So yeah can you tell I'm psyched too. All this energy and so many avenues to travel on, but what one story will catch my eye, and make me want to see it completed. That's the thing about us sub-basement filmmakers. We have so little resources that we need to make it interesting for us because were going to live with our film for some time, and one can't get tired of ones own film. If you do it's like they say "films aren't finished, their abandoned".

It takes a lot of energy to get a film going, and even more to finish it. It's not lack of ideas that hinders me. There are so many story's out there, but what one will you fancy, and what one will you want to put your name on. What type of story/film will use all your resources to the best of their ability while at the same time producing a quality product.

A film professor said to us when we were still in school is all you need is a house in the woods and you're set. Maybe at one time it was, but not anymore. Audiences are more sophisticated today, and another "don't go into the wood alone tale" isn't going to get much traction in today's media obsessed culture. I mean haven't we seen those types of stories all too many times?

So I'm leaning towards a more personal type of film. I can't say what, because I honestly don't know. AT times I wish I had a collaborator to bounce off ideas on, but that does present itself with its own set of problems, and I've been down that road before. So yeah I'm chomping at the bit, and reeling to do something else worth while. Sometimes its a good day, and other times it's a bear. But I need to decide on what I want to do, and start doing it.

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