Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Projects & the Future!

Finishing a script has its rewards. One can sit back as the printer spits out your latest opus, and smile. You've done it, and it's perfect in your mind. That is until you re-read it, and make notes. If its one thing that I've learned about film making it's all about the re-write. So am I finished, or does this matter?

Sure it does. You've spent hours on writing your opus, and now its on the printed paper, and together all those pages tell a story (you hope). My first drafts are rough, and then I go to the computer and re-write it. As I input my notebooks into my screenwriting software, I re-write the project and when I'm done I have a second draft of the screenplay. It works, and it's not bad way to work, but right now I'm kind of hot and cold on the screenplay. I wrote the current project around the resources I have. I've limited myself but it's not all that bad. I've tried to limit characters and locations, and in writing it I've broken some rules I set up for myself just for the plain fact that I didn't want to be confined to a certain location for the duration of the story.

As a producer I fight with the writer in me. Do you know how much that's going to cost? How many camera set-ups is that?, and finally special effects? That's going to cost. It's a bitch and I can't help it. You work with what you got. I do know that when or if it the script gets read by actors it will change once again. Actors do that. They can make scenes interesting by just giving certain glances or long pauses between dialogue. It's where the magic happens, and where I really like playing.

I've decided I want to do the film as quickly as I can, but I want to have a decent rehearsal schedule for the actors that way when they get onto location they know what they need to do. That's my pet peeve with a lot of movies. A lot of filmmakers don't use professionals, and it shows. I've covered this in other posts so I'm not going to go over this. It's just something I think needs repeating.

Will I be doing this film as my next film? Maybe not, because there is something else that I want to do, and something a bit more close to my heart, but this screenplay has gotten the juices flowing. That's a good thing. Because I'm sick and tired of talking about film and I really need to do some production work.

I've been lamenting that resources are scarce, and limited, but it's time to step forward and try something new. So let's see what else I can dust off, and get excited about.

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