Sunday, April 15, 2007


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So I went to see "Grindhouse" this week-end, and kind of enjoyed it. Kind of? What does that mean? Either you like it or you don't. Which is it bud? Well I enjoyed both Tarantino’s and Rodriguez’s films, but as always the audience votes with their pocketbooks, and the week-end grosses aren't good. A review I really agree with is Joe Leydon at his blog. Joe gets it right, and I agree with the man.

But did I like it? I know, I know I can all hear you. I enjoyed Rodriguez’s better, but I did like Tarantino’s film also and his knack for dialogue is quite good. I'll probably go out and buy the DVD and hope there is a ton of extras on it, but I don't see "Grindhouse" becoming a series. Most theater audience's don't care about the 70's exploitation flicks. I love many of them, and have fond memories of them, but today's audiences really doen't care. We live in a over saturated market where anyone can program their own entertainment to their tastes. DVD's, the Internet, on-demand, Net-flix, and satellite are all possible, and viewers can now program their own drive-in experience in the comfort of their own living rooms.

Check out Mr. Leydon's review. He's spot on, and pretty damn accurate, and he's a professional movie critic.

As for me for what its worth I'd say wait for the DVD of "Grindhouse" to come out, and have a fun night with your friends and loved ones. And if you really want to see some real cool 70's flicks rent such films as "Vanishing Point" and/or "Dirty Mary, Crazy Larry", and have a ball.


Joe Leydon said...

Thank you for the kind words. But if you pull that "Mr. Leydon" crap again, I'm going to have to hurt you real bad.

Karl said...

Please dont hurt me Mr...
I mean Joe! You're the best.