Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Being a Pro

Okay since I'm waiting for some footage to digitize, and waiting for a presentation to be emailed to me I like to take this moment to talk about getting professional.

Getting Professional? What the hell is he talking about? I read an article by an actress I met awhile ago in where she describes her career. Her name is Debbie Rochon, and she is a funny, and smart actress whose been in a number of low budget films, and she is co-host with Dee Snider for "Fangoria Radio". In the article she describes how she was hurt on the set of a film while doing a stunt. I'm talking seriously hurt, and where the filmmaker seemed to have no insurance.

Here's my advice to the serious. GET INSURANCE! Noticed I capitalized that. If you don't then you're not a serious filmmaker. I love actors. I'm kind of partial to their creative side, and I love mixing it up with them. For all that they give they also need to be protected. You're a fool if you don't take the time and get insurance. Most locations won't even let you film in their locations unless you have insurance to cover any damages that might occur. Thankfully nothing like that has happened to me, but I did have to replace a carpet I ruined at a location, and insurance covered me. What type, and where do you go to get insurance? Crack open a production guide, and look inside. Their a number of them located in NY, and LA. You can get insurance for just the duration of the film production, or you might consider getting it for a longer period. Check out the web too. Type in Production insurance and follow the links

I went with a local company called BABB Inc. I payed for a year's worth of coverage, and it cost about $1,200. There are policies that are shorter and cheaper, but I liked this one, and since I was going to shoot on and off throughout the year I used BABB's year long policy. It covered me for theft, casualty, and damage just to name a few.

So do yourself a favor and get insurance. You want to be a professional you need to step up to the plate. In a society that is very litigious your only doing the right thing. Protect your production, and protect the people that are helping you.

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