Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Gary Graver 1938-2006

Gary Graver was a cinematographer who worked on a lot of B-movies, and by doing so he worked with a lot of up and coming people such as Ron Howard, & Peter Bogdonavich in the late 60's & 70's. What Graver will probably be best known for was working with Orson Welles. Graver had tried to finish Welles last film "The Other Side of the Wind" & to this day tried to get it finished. Mr. Graver tried to raise $3.5 million he thought was necessary to piece together thefilm from Welle's script and editing notes. Welles had only shot about 40 minutes of the film before he passed away. The film is about a gifted director's artistic decline that Welles had worked on for 15 years. It starred John Huston & Peter Bogdanovich

Mr Graver had shot such films as "Grand Theft Auto, Satans Sadists, Toolbox Murders, Deathsport & numerous other films. I remember a lot of his films having seen a lot of his films on late night TV. It would have been really interesting to see Graver's obsession come to the screen. I do remember in interviews he gave he had mentioned it a couple of times. He also directed films under the name Robert McCallum. Check out his website that he had here. The one thing that amazed me with Mr Graver was that he was a filmmakers filmmaker. He knew cinematography, editing, producing, & directing. He did more films then I know any other filmmaker made. Okay so some were not steller, but that never stopped Mr. Graver from giving it his all. He was no movie snob, and he had a passion that I admired.

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