Thursday, November 09, 2006

Filmmaking in Progress (BEWARE)

The above photo is from when we were shooting my film "Deadly Obsessions". It was the last day of principle photography, and I was quite relieved we were ahead of schedule, and actors had already their next gig lined up, so production was coming to an end. One of the crew made this sign to alert people that we were shooting a film. We didn't want to cause any problems with the neighbors like we did earlier in the shoot. We even had a police officer on the set to make sure that we were okay. Philadelphia now provides a police officer free of charge to a production if you request it, but back when we were shooting we had to pay for the officer. It was no big deal, but I could have put the money somewhere else had it been free. After all every dollar counts in a low-budget film.

I currently find myself now in the process of writing another script. The first draft is done, and it needs some re-writing, and this picture reminded me that I should have that sign up 24/7 outside my house. If I'm not writing, I'm editing, if I'm not editing, I'm shooting something, so I still live and breath filmmaking. What I find so frustrating is the time between films. I want to make more films. Yes I know ALL the pitfalls, and the problems of making another film, but something still draws me to it. I've said it before I'm like a junkie who is chasing their last fix. I've always had a lot of energy and that has sustained me and my filmmaking endeavors, but as I get older, and wiser I'm more slower to react. I take my time, and work at something I really care about. Something that I'll be working on for awhile because as I said before time is what I got a lot of, so I better use that time and plan. Yet I'm not one to keep on talking and not do anything. I hate people who do that, and I certainly don't take after these people. After awhile it's time to get off the pot & move forward.

So what am I talking about? Writers write, painters paint, photographers photograph, and filmmakers make films. I haven't done anything and it's making me crazy. My day job provides an outlet of some creativity, but I need to start another project.

There are obstacles abound, and I have NO idea on how I'll pull it off, but if I worry about it now I'll paralyze myself into doing nothing. Doubt is the killer, and I can't let that happen. I may not shoot the script I just wrote, but it's the first step in a process to something better. So yeah the sign is up, and the keys are clicking away. The old wheels in the brain are starting to spin, and I'm smelling smoke. How? What? Why? and who? are the questions that fill me, but maybe if I get excited again I'll actually get others excited, and when that happens good things happen. It's the fucking journey that counts isn't it? So it's time to set sail, and try out the things you learned. No guts, no glory!

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