Monday, December 12, 2005

The Demise of Tape!

So I've just read up on Panasonic's new camcorder which is releasing this month sometime. The AG-HVX 200 records on tape, but also on P2 disks, which give you 18 minutes worth of HD footage. So in essence you can now download all your footage to a HD array, and then plug that in after your shoot, and start editing on your NL editor. Digitizing becomes a distant memory, and now companies will expect you to have their projects done instantly. With every great advance there will be headaches, and a lot of them won't be technical. The price tag is steep, and one P2 4 gig disk is about $1,200, so this isn't cheap. Slowly the future reveals itself. Check out HD for Indies for more info on the camera and the street date.

As the industry gets closer and closer to HD, and it becomes the norm it will be interesting how it does against actual film. Remember compression is DV's Achilles heal. With HD things get closer and closer to the film world. Such things as latitude & definition within the picture area become important especially when the final film will be projected onto a screen. It's an interesting development, and something I'm a bit excited about.

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