Monday, June 27, 2005

Romero rules!

Okay so I have to comment on Romero's latest flim "Land of the Dead". If anyone would like to hear the master himself NPR
has two interviews with Romero. One interview done a year ago, and the other done during the premiere of his latest dead installment. Needless to say that Romero's latest is one which will not disappoint. But now for the bad news, and that is the latest box office places it 5th, and has made a little more then $10 million. It's still early but not good for summer business especially when the remake of "War of the Worlds" is releasing Wednesday. I just hope that Romero gets another shot at doing another film. Romero has been a maverick in filmmaking for sometime, and in an interview he did when "Dawn of the Dead" came out he talked about regional filmmaking, and it was an interesting concept to subscribe to, and now with the internet, and niche film markets opening up more and more you can see Romero was ahead of his time. I have heard that the DVD release will have extra scenes, but not by a whole lot. Romero talks about filmming his latest. Romero comments on the hectic shooting schedule (47 days) and how he had to pinch his pennies to get the film done the way he wanted it. Filmmaking is a tough gig even for the true and battle tested Romero.

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