Friday, June 17, 2005


Two ideas have gotten hold of me, and both would make excellent films. I have not fleshed out the details, but it is something I'm very interested in. The above picture is from a pulp novel written by the late Jim Thompson. You can put his type of writing under such books as Dashiell Hammett, or Mickey Spillane, but Thompson was a bit more harder edge hence my like for his novels. There have been a number of films over the years that were based on Thompson's work. The Grifters, After Dark My Sweat, and the Getaway are all films that have had some success. Even "the Killer Inside Me" was made into a interesting film, but lately Thompson's presence has been absent in cinema. The rights to his stories are too expensive for this independent producer to ever buy an option on one of his stories, so I've been toying with doing something in that same genre using my own story. What appeals to me in these stories is the grit, and the rawness of the material. So hence project number one.

My second idea is something a bit more personal, but which deal with topics that other films have dealt with, but have never dealt with all of them in one film. No special effects, no gun play, just simple straight story telling. Something where everyone can relate to, but which hold special meaning to me. After all no matter what I do it'll take me a while to get this made, and in that time you LIVE with a project. It becomes your other child, and you better LOVE that child or it'll be destined to die.

I will be putting my film Deadly Obsessions onto DVD next week, and so I'm hoping to distribute through Filmbaby. It's an alternate distribution method, but one worth exploring. The film needs to be seen, and this is the only way I know where I won't be theived out of money. The distribution arena is a tricky area, and from what I've gathered it is not friendly to the maker of the film. In fact you may loose your film in the process, so instead of that happening I need to take it into my own hands and see if this wonderful thing we call the internet can do anything for a film I'm proud of.

So that's it in a nut shell. I've also have interest in two short films that have been eating at me for some time now. More in the avant-garde realm, but no less challenging from a film-making perspective. So always busy, and never to give up.

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