Friday, September 21, 2012

Mob Doctor (TV series) 2012

To continue with a TV theme here.  Saw the other day Mob doctor.  Why you ask?  Well I heard William Forsythe was in it, and I'm a fan of his.  He is one of the most under-rated actors, and is usually cast as the heavy.  With no surprise he is here too, but the story of the characters seems interesting.

The only thing is that the series has it wrong.  Forsythe's character is the one that is interesting and the relationship between him, the lead (Jordano Spiro) is the key.

I really do think that the medical part of this is interesting.  Like in the first scene of the series where a guy has a screw driver removed from his head, but I really am tired on how TV depicts the medical community.  ER in it's early days was the pinnacle of a medical series.  So was St Elsewhere, but ER took it a step further and it really grabbed it's audience.  Now we're relegated to soap operas.  Like whose sleeping with whom, and who is in love and out of love.  One word..... BORING!!!!!

Mob Doctor has a somewhat interesting idea and it gets it wrong.  But it's early and we'll have to see where the producers and writers take us.  Having a actor of William Forsythe's caliber can only enhance the series, but I hope they just don't play him as a straight heavy.  After all why was the series Soprano's so popular?  Because we LIKED Tony Soprano, and that's a credit to James Gandolfini as an actor and performer.  Here they have William Forsythe who has had his share of playing heavies, but can do so much more.  Watch Waterdance as one of his outstanding performances.  I can only hope and pray they use him and have him in more of the storyline.

One nit pick.  To the shows director of photography.  Stop with the sloppy shots.  I know TV series production is hectic and quick, but some of the shots where some of the actors eyes looked sunken into their heads were just bad.  Sure the female lead looked marvelous, but the actor looked like some demonic character from a horror movie.  Try some fill light please.  That's just sloppy, and as a production snob I have to call it out.  Also the MTV editing seemed out of place.  I know it was trying to get atmosphere into the series, but to me it was just filler, and if you have filler you don't have enough character development which means the writers aren't doing their job.

Oh and please use more of Zeljko Ivanek.  He too is an underused actor with great potential.  He is a great character actor who can be used more effectively.

So there is potential here, but whether the producers tap into that is any ones guess.  My opinion is to watch William Forsthe, and see how the storyline develops.  More of him would be better.  Jordano Spiro does a good job here too, and with such talent surrounding her she could really make this more interesting.

Just remember guy's it's about character development.  Make them interesting and the series will take off.  Stick to the stereo-typical character outlines and Mob Doctor won't last long.

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