Sunday, September 09, 2012

Another Earth

Another Earth is one of those films that you start off watching and before you know it you're absorbed into the plot and need to see how it all works out.  At least that's what happened to me.  I had heard of the film and it's debut at Sundance and was a bit intrigued.  I was also interested in how the filmmaker made the film, and that in itself is noteworthy of another blog entry.  Needless to say the film is an interesting character piece.   Brit Marling plays Rhonda Williams whose life changes by a tragic accident she causes.  How she goes about redeeming herself is a fascinating journey.  William Mapother character is just as fascinating and compelling to watch as Ms Marling's.  As a debut film by Mike Cahill "Another Earth" is a film with some interesting concepts. 

The concept of two Earth's and different alternative realities is something that the film presents.  There is no tech speak on how, or why the event is happening, and that makes the film all the most interesting.  The science in the film isn't correct either, but one does not dwell on it, and it doesn't take away from the films story.

I'm trying to be vague here because the film is better seen when you don't know much about the film.  To me it was a long "Twilight zone" type episode.  The movie is slow paced, but the pacing of the film works.  It's the characters and their particular situation that interests us.

If you're not into these types of films I don't know if you would enjoy it, and a film that leaves you wanting more always peeks my interest.  If such a film isn't to you're tastes then you'll have a problem with it.

The ending has more questions and I like it that way.  For each viewer it may be different. 

I'd like to write more about the making of the film and how the filmmaker accomplished his goals on a shoestring budget.  Brit Marling, and Mike Cahill are both the writers of the film as well, and you can sense the time and effort they put into the film to make it what it is.  Marling's performance is quite compelling, and Cahill's direction is simple and very direct.   It gives "Another Earth" a quality I like.

I recommend seeing the film highly.  It's the dramatic punches and solid performances from the leads that keep the film so entertaining and interesting.

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