Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New York Subway 1986 NYC -directors cut- with stereo audio track.mpg

I had to put this up here. Thinking that the guy who did this filmed it with a BIG old Arriflex 16mm camera while recording sound on a Walkman is so cool. I remember having to sneak shots of the subway when I was in film school. Taking an old filmo B&H DS70R camera was more my style. I even still have one. Never had the heart to get rid of it. If your unfamiliar with a DS70R camera their the cameras that are built like tanks and saw action as far back as World war 2. You had to wind them up, and you got a good 30 to 40 seconds till they stopped and then you would have to wind them again. That's of course if you shot at 24 frames per second. You could get more if you shot at a lower F.P.S, but if you did that you better be rock steady or you'll see every shake and shimmy. Those cameras also had parallax viewfinders so shooting with a 10mm lens and going hyper focal distance was the key to getting some good shots. You did that because you wanted to get everything in focus, and not have people pay attention to you when you filmed. Part of stealth film making back in the day. I'm just amazed the guy who shot the above scenes got an Arriflex with a 400 foot magazine attached through subway security back then. I mean that's BIG! My only thing is why he shot it on reversal. If he would have shot negative he'd have such a better range of exposure. But then again I'm amazed it's reversal film, and I have to salute the guy just for getting it all down on film. Brings back memories.

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