Wednesday, March 09, 2011

DIY Conference NYC

Last weekend I went to the DIY conference at the New School in New York. This was my second time at a DIY conference. The first was here in Philadelphia, and both times I was very inspired by the crowd, and the guest lecturers. For those who are not familiar with the DIY conferences it is a roving conference that happens across the United States. "The workbook Project is for those who want to be creative in the digital age. An open creative network that provides insight into the process of funding, creating, distributing and sustaining from one's creative efforts".

Lance Weiler is the founder of the Workbook Project and also a story architect of film, TV and games. Lance is the one who started it and it has become a very impressive forum to voice ideas, and to network with other digital artists. Frank Rose gave the keynote lecture about "The Art of Immersion" which was fascinating. Mr. Rose discussed examples on how the audience became involved with the story and characters. In essence making the audience participate in the story. Lance Weiler talked about his new project "Pandemic", and how they used Transmedia to tell a story and get the audience to participate and evolve the storyline. Dr. Nicholas Diakopoulos talked about story through statistics, and if it sounds boring it was anything but. Molly Crabapple discussed her "Dr. Sketchy" empire, and how she achieved it.  She was one of my favorites, and she gave an inspiring speech.    It was very thought provoking, and revealing. 

Brian Newman gave a great lecture about "Net Neutrality", and really entertained the audience with his colorful and passionate speech about those who threaten the net by eliminating access to it.

I could go on, and on, but the guests and the lectures were as always inspiring, and it made one think. Between the guests there were people who would stand up and who are in need of services, and hopping to try and connect with others. That's what DIY network is all about. It's getting artists of all types together to collaborate on their projects.

I even met a young lady by the name of Bea Hundal is VP of Digital AAJA-NY and is a broadcast journalist at BBC News. I gave her a copy of my feature, which I had and we talked a bit about digital media. So you see you never know who you'll met and talk to. The people who attend this conference are passionate people who have such a wealth of knowledge, and that's what makes this event so awesome.

There are no pretenses here. Everyone shares, and everyone is looking to further the cause of DIY.  In the end you come out of the seminar energized and filled with ideas. Hopefully you've made some interesting contacts that will help you and your project get off the ground. The event is simulcast through the web also, so those in different locations can take part in the event. The event is free, and it is open to all. You can bet that the next time they have another DIY seminar I'll be there again. I just have one request and that is come to Philadelphia again guys. We have people here who are starving for new ideas, and we have the venues to showcase the DIY spirit. Till next time I'll be waiting, and creating.

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