Thursday, January 13, 2011

Goodnight Siagon

This is a video I did way back when I was in college.  It was a final project in my TV production class.  It was done live, and there is no editing.  I left everything the way it was.  I was pretty interested in the era of Vietnam.  Even wrote a script about a platoon of soldiers fighting in Vietnam, and their day to day adventures.  It wasn't very good and it sits somewhere gathering dust, but soon after "Platoon" came out, and the film was everywhere.  Oliver Stone's film was one of my favorites, and it was a great story. 

This video is a small tribute to the men who fought in Vietnam.  I even met some and talked with them about the war and how they returned back to civilian life.  Those stories still reverberate in the old mind.  Especially now with the conflicts that we as a nation are in now.  My buddy Marty was the guy who played in the production, and he did a pretty good job.  I was happy with it, and after getting my grade I threw the tape in a drawer and forgot about it.  I just recently found it, and so hence before it goes into "video oblivion" I figured I post it here.  The project was done live, and as the song plays we had to cue Marty as to whether he was on camera or not.  The whole class participated and each student had his or her crew position.  It worked out well, and looking back at it we learned a lot in those production classes back at Brooklyn College.  Anyway I figured I post it.  It's all part of the collective now, and maybe that's where it should be.

I said it then, and I'll say it now.  To all the veterans past and present.  Thank-you for your service and sacrifice.  You are always remembered.   God Bless.

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