Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Angry Nerd Guy!

His name is James Rolfe, and I've been watching some of his videos as the character "The Angry video game Nerd".  He reviews video games of past and present, and he has a large fan base.  Mr. Rolfe did this for fun way back when, and it mushroomed on him and he now does it for pay.  Rolfe wants to be a filmmaker, and has announced his intention to make a film based on his character "the angry video nerd guy". 

I think that is awesome, and it shows how one man's cleaver invention has become something popular among fans.  His fans get him, and see his love for what he does.  That's why his fan base is so big and strong.  Theirs no bullshit here if you pardon my expletive, and the fans see that.  Rolfe is a very good filmmaker just by his videos alone.  They are well edited, shot well, and written. 

I look forward to seeing some more of his videos.  I'm not a huge fan of video games myself, and I cannot imagine the time Mr. Rolfe puts in to creating even one of his videos.  These videos are intricate, and yes he does play every last one of them.  Right there he should be given an award just for doing so.  Rolfe is amusing, and funny, and I've laughed more then once at his antics.  I wish him all the best, and hope to see more of him with more personal projects in the future. 

His website is at Cinemassacre Productions.   You'll find tons of videos there that will amuse you.  My favorites of course are the ones that are movie based, but his game reviews are funny as well.  I wish him and his team much success.

And this should serve as an example on how doing something you love to do becomes something bigger, and eventually a career. 

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