Wednesday, December 22, 2010

SALT (2009)

This is one of those films that escaped me last year.  After seeing it now on DVD I have to say I was very much entertained.   The plot and the circumstances are quite ridiculous, and yet the non-stop action in this film makes it very entertaining.  From the start we are given a full roller-coaster ride of thrills, and I have to say I had fun seeing this film.  Angelina Jolie gives a very determined performance as Salt a supposedly double agent who runs from both the Russians and the Americans.   

The action scenes are really well done, and there is very little CGI work which seems to be the norm in today's films.  That's refreshing, because some of the scenes we can actually see Jolie doing her own stunts.  I must say the lady has some tenacity to do that, and it's what makes the film so enjoyable to watch.

Of course there were times where I said to myself while viewing the film that had that happened in real life the character would have a concussion and a few fractured bones, but this is the CINEMA!  Our heroine comes off with little scratches and no broken bones due to the magic of cinema.  I did hear that Jolie did injure herself slightly while filming, yet she was fine to continue.  It just shows the ladies dedication to the part.

If your looking for a fun and entertaining film to watch that is balls to the wall action then rent it, but if your not into those types of films then I guess this film would not be your cup of tea.  The only thing I have to say is that the BIG surprise in the end wasn't too much of a surprise.  I saw it coming from the beginning and was a bit disappointed by the revelation.  I mean I love spy movies, and always love the fast pace of the genre, but the film didn't have as many twists and turns as I thought it should have.  I mean that's what makes films of this genre so exciting.  SALT does not have that.  Instead it has relentless action, which I liked and thought was well done.

I heard that there were three cuts to this film.  One the theatrical release which opens the film up to a sequel.  The directors cut has somewhat of a more definitive ending, which would be more of a let down for this type of film considering the action is it's center piece.  The third ending had the character return to Russia to exact her revenge.  Guess the studio wanted a possible sequel if the film did well.  The director (Phillip Noyce) is said that the will not be involved with the sequel.  To me that's unfortunate since he's a very good action director, and this film screams action.

All in all a fun and entertaining movie, and nothing more.  Also Angelina Jolie is one hot looking lady who knows how to give a performance.  Without her the film would fall flat.  Funny thing is that this is a film that was written for Tom Cruise, and when he backed out of the film Jolie took it, after they wrote it for a female character.  I think it works, and I'd like to see more of the character down the line.  Can someone say franchise?

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