Saturday, December 11, 2010

Monsters (2010)

Just saw the movie Monsters, and was very impressed by the production and the story. This is Gareth Edwards first film of sorts. I say that because Mr. Edwards has done work some some documentaries (Perfect Disaster, Attila the Hun) and a movie called End Day.   Mr. Edwards knowledge of what he can do in the realm of special effects makes Monsters a movie a must see. 

The story in a nut shell is this:

"Six years after Earth has suffered an alien invasion a cynical journalist agrees to escort a shaken American tourist through an infected zone in Mexico to the safety of the US border."

The two leads in this movie make this movie what it is.  Scoot McNairy and Whitney Able are actors that are of the highest caliber.  They are believable, and so convincing you think that you might just maybe be watching a documentary.  I'm sure the director did this on purpose.  I've read in articles that the director along with an associate producer/translator, a cameraman, and a sound man went to several locations in Mexico, Guatemala, Texas, and Belize and filmed his movie from an outline he had written.  He used authentic individuals at the locations to give him the performances he wanted.  It adds to the film, and makes the film completely believable.  Mr. Edwards creates a world that is turned upside down, and I bought it all.

I also have to state that every filmmaker should watch this and read some of the interviews and articles that Mr. Edwards has given about the film.  Edwards did with less, and created more on the screen. 

The film is not a Monster movie in the sense of that we expect to and that is to see these monsters pop out and cause havoc.  What it is is more about two people, and their relationship with the world, and themselves.  I know that sounds corny and a little strange coming from a movie that is called "monsters", but that is the core of the film.  What the filmmaker creates is a believable world turned inside out, and we see the aftermath of what the Monsters are doing.  There even is a hint that man may be the bad and evil one here, but I'll let you decided that on your own.

There are some great interviews here and here about the movie which ever filmmaker should read.  I have to say that I'm inspired by what Edwards does here, and it makes me re-think what is possible now in film making. 

The whole thing about leaving your audience wanting more is so true here.  Edwards does that, and in the end I really wanted more.  I know the film is one big flashback, but I really wanted to know how the characters made out.  In the end they stay with you, and for a little film like Monsters to do that the film has to have done something right to illicit that type of response in you.

I really suggest you watch it, and see it for yourself.  Ladies you will also enjoy it too since it is all about relationships.   I enjoyed it and was intrigued by it, but most of all I was inspired by it.

Note here too.  The cinematography is beautiful.  I'm sure it was the landscape the filmmakers were in, but I have to say that some of the images in Monsters are picture perfect.  Especially the scenes of the boat on the river.  The images are beyond beautiful.

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