Tuesday, April 28, 2009

And the Frenzy stops!

I've finished my script, and became a winner in the 2009 script Frenzy. I used new screenwriting software called Celtx, and it worked for me pretty good. I would thoroughly suggest using the software if you're starting out. It's free, and really it has some great features.

The script turned out to be 107 pages, and though I know it's all in the re-write I think I can be proud of the script. It's from the heart, and I wrote on what I knew about. I'm sure I can write a better script, but right now I love this one, and I guess that happens with every writer.

I have heard about doing a feature in two weeks on Twitter. I have to say I'm intrigued, but there is so much to think about, and there are a lot of limitations, but I do like a challenge.

It reminds me about the time I read about Roger Corman's film "Little Shop of Horrors". It was made on a bet that Corman could make a movie in 2 days using sets that were standing form other movies. I have to say that is intriguing.

Right now I'll bask in the after glow of writing a pretty good script, and to think I finished just in time for my birthday. It's going to be a good May Day! Remember filmmakers. UNITE we have nothing to loose but our chains.

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Neil Sarver said...

Sweet! I fell behind too early and had too busy a month to ever got caught up. Perhaps I'll push my momentum and pretend that May is Frenzy month.

Congratulations, though. Rock on!