Monday, October 20, 2008

Taking the next step?

Okay so it's been awhile, and still I haven't really done anything film related for myself or my company. In fact I've been toying with closing the company and just giving up, but part of me is screaming no, and so I've decided not to. At least not right now. So much of the filmmaking landscape has changed since I was in school. Now anyone can make a video, and post it. There is so much out there that it's hard to cut through the clutter, and that's what it ALL is clutter.

Movies to me or just films in general exist to tell a story. What is out there a lot is just little vignettes of people jumping up and down saying "notice me please". It's always been about the work for me, and lately I can't do it justice. My little funny video gets a ho-hum, and a smile, but it was just to prove a point. The point being that making media is easier now more then ever. It's being relevant that is much more difficult.

Aren't movies suppose to entertain? Aren't they suppose to tell a story and touch an audience? Well of course they are. There is nothing wrong with short funny videos or even serious ones at that. It's kind of neat to have a new venue for short films. The only time you really saw any shorts were in film festivals, and that was only a limited audience at that.

I would like to make a GOOD film I can be proud of and that says something long after I'm dust. Call me weird I guess, but that's how I feel about it. That doesn't mean I'm against making comedies or horror films for the masses. In fact I think more and more that the next BIG genre will come from the web in a very interesting way. SOmewhere someplace someone is working on a new an interesting way to present new and different stories. The Farm girl that Coppola talks about is happening right now. We just need to find itr through all the clutter.

I've just been stagnant, and the day job burns a lot of energy from me as well as being involved with the family. It a hard balance to maintain, and some days I feel pretty drained. So there is little time to do the traditional filmmaking that I so love. Time is always at a premium, as well as resources. But I'm still here enjoying the changes in the weather. I always loved this time of year, and the mind is always brimming with new ideas and thoughts.

Writing is a good way to keep motivated, but I miss production. I never thought I say that, but I do. The chaos that comes with making a film is sometimes exhilarating, and can be very addicting. I hope to do at least one more film in my lifetime. Something that means a lot to me. Deadly Obsessions was a film that I wanted to prove that I could do, and now my second film would be an affirmation of the things I learned on my first film. The bug is biting, and I'm still here, and this isn't the end, but something of a new beginning. At least that's my hope.

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