Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Repo The Genetic Opera

I first heard of this film from the podcast The Biz. It's an interesting way to market a film and something I think will be the norm in the not so distant future. I've always said how do you rise above the noise, and this is one example. The guys at Lionsgate are pretty shrewed in their attempt to market a film that has a core audience, yet the film needs to break out from that core and into some of the mainstream.

The film is a Gothic opera, and from the clips, and the trailer it looks quite interesting. The soundtrack has been a top seller at Amazon, so there is money in them there hills. Being that it's Halloween I would think that this would be the opportune time to release this film, but the films release date is November 7th at selected theaters. Why on November 7th rather then October 31st is any body's guess. The one thing I don't like is that I can't put links to the trailer. I would think viral marketing would be a GOOD thing for this movie. After all it's rabid fan base would be the ones to try and sell it to others. Why the studio doesn't use it's fan base is a mystery to me. Instead it uses MySpace & it's own website for the film located here: http://www.repo-opera.com/

In the interview with the director of the film on the biz he mentions illegal downloads of the movie, and maybe it's the studio who is being overly cautious since they have some money invested in it. Maybe the best idea would have been to open it in theaters and release the DVD of the film at the same time. Being that sometimes impulse buys by consumers are more prevalant on occasions or holidays. Hence the Halloween season. After all Hallmark has said that Halloween is the second biggest shopping holiday after Christmas.

The director Darren Lynn Bousman and the two writers of the film Darren Smith & Terrance Zdunich are putting their heart and soul into the movie with this short tour. From the look and some of the songs I've heard they have an interesting film which I hope doesn't get lost in the vapor of the Internet

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