Friday, May 09, 2008

Life at 24 F.p.s

How does one get better at ones craft? Easy. You learn by doing, and thereby is the crux of the problem. I haven't been doing as much as I should. Filmmaking isn't easy, but with the digital revolution it has gotten a bit easier to create something. All you need is a DV camera and a computer with a fire wire port. Yet the Internet is littered with all sorts of videos, and video clips. Has anyone taken a look at YouTube. The website contains a lot of interesting videos along with some (okay a lot) not interesting videos. Seems everyone has a web cam or a DV camera.

But I'm more traditional. You have a story, you write a script, and you get your talent & start shooting. There's a process, and I like it. It can get complicated, and expensive, but it really isn't that hard. The hardest part in all of it is to get the people together at a particular time. You all know my thoughts on pay or non payment of talent.

I've come to the conclusion of "who cares". I mean who cares about my back story. The only one it means anything to is myself. So enough of the personal crap. I've been more motivated by stories. Some of these stories I've heard about from others and others I've read about. Plus I need to make it interesting.

My resources are still limited, but I do have time, and that's what I need to make use of. I've been doing a lot of editorial work both at work and with my writing. In a nutshell I've been seeing what's good and what's bullshit. Nothing cute and funny. That's just isn't my style. Plus this working in a vacuum sucks, so I need to do something about that.

Filmmaking is such a collaborative process. When do you start to seek out collaborators? I believe that there needs to be at least a skeleton of a story. The structure needs to be good otherwise it's just going to fall apart. After the structure is built then you can flesh it out with others. I've been bantering around the word "work shopping" for some time, and I like the process, but people giving up their free time for nothing doesn't sink too well with me. You still need structure, and it is still YOUR project. You are captain of this ship, and ultimately the decision lies with you.

So for now I'm rummaging through old movies, reading some interesting books, and keeping a writing journal of thoughts and ideas. Maybe something will start to ferment. I've also started to do some video work other then for my work. Something a bit more eclectic. How it works is anybodies guess, but I do know I need to do something, and so I'm preparing to leap. Sometimes leaping into the unknown or little known is an adventure all in itself. So lets see what sticks, and lets get this party started.

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