Friday, May 02, 2008

Is Blogging Dead?

There have been a couple of blogs in recent time that have just recently stopped, or if you prefer gone off-air? I've mentioned one of them in my previous post about The House Next Door where it's creator Matt Zoller Seitz has gone on to concentrate more on filmmaking then journalism. Also Raymond Young of the blog Flickhead announced around the same time that his blogging days were over. I actually liked both blogs & hate to see them go, but understand whole heartily why they left.

I've always been a proponent of getting off the computer and get into life. It's a dual edged sword this blogging. On one hand you sit at a computer alone, and type things about yourself, others, or opinions you or someone else has. By doing so you get involved with stat meters, and statistics on who is reading what. It winds up to be all about numbers sometimes and not content. That's the evil side of blogging.

The good side of blogging, and yes there is a good side of blogging is that you get to interact with others who are like minded. Maybe your a writer, or filmmaker, or even an educator who has interests beyond his or her profession. What better way to express yourself then to write about it, and not be censored by a publisher because your that publisher. The free flow of ideas and thoughts can turn into an interesting movement between artists, writers inventors and so on. That's what is so GREAT about blogging.

It's not about the stats, or the circulation, but about the ideas. If it weren''t for blogs I wouldn't know of such people as Matt, Raymond or Tim Lucas (Video Watchdog). True we have never met, and they may not even know of me, but I know them. My mom had always said that in order to make friends you need to interact with them. What better way to interact then in a blog. We're not best buddies, but maybe colleagues for sure.

I've been blogging for over three years now, and I also have a personal blog that I do for myself, and for communicating with friends & relatives about the family. I don't have it closed off, and I don't limit the people who view it. This blog which you are reading now is all about filmmaking, and the filmmaking process. It's been a passion of mine, and I hope sharing my discoveries, and my thoughts about the subject shed light on it, and give ideas to people out there.

Another thing this blog does is make me more creative. I write. Maybe not as well as Matt, Raymond, or Tim, but I write. Ideas spring forward, and I write some more privately in my journal where it becomes fertile ground for a seed of an idea that I may write about or film in the future. It's all about writing. I write for myself, and by doing so I keep those writing skills sharp, and maybe just maybe an idea worthwhile will spring forward that is worthy for the rest of the world to hear about.

Like everything on the web things get commercial, and when something becomes a task or God forbid work itself then the joy of it is lost, and then what's the point of it all. I do this for me. I enjoy what I do, and love it. I don't keep track of the stats. I have a stat counter below and that's about it. I'd like it more if there were more interaction out there between artists, but maybe that will come. I like dialogue, and I think talking about life, love, and filmmaking is as good as it gets. When we use blogs to break down the walls of conventionality we show a bit of our humanity. We show that we are the same yet different, and that we are all unique in our own universe. That's not a bad thing, and for me blogging is far from being dead. In fact I think it hasn't even begun to fulfill it's full potential. Call me an optimist, but I see better days ahead.

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