Friday, March 14, 2008

Amy Walker: Actress Extraordinar

I first read about Amy Walker in the Philadelphia Inquirer. She is an actress who lives here in Philly. Her video of her doing 21 accents was posted to some web site called Within days the video got several hundred thousand hits. The video turned "viral", and Amy has since been on the Today show with Matt Lauer & Meredith Vieira.

Why write about Ms Walker? Simply put she has talent, and in order to make a film you need some good talent in front of the camera. I know some producers treat actors and actresses like cattle. A lot of directors & producers treat actors as props to move within the frame of their film and no more, but Ms Walker is the real deal. Take a look at her videos on YouTube. She's the whole package. I'd kill to work with actors of such caliber. I was fortunate to work with them in my film. It is that privilege of working with such creative spirits that compels me forward. There is no high better, and there is no substitute when a scene comes together. No matter how long I'm on this earth I'll always marvel at what good actors can do. I love directing them, and working with them.

It's pretty cool to see an actress get some publicity. I hope Ms Walker gets to preform for a long, long time. What's even cooler is that she lives in my city. Maybe someday again, if the stars all align, I would love to work with a performer as talented as she is. It makes film making worth while. Good luck Ms Walker!

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