Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Time Management

I haven't written anything here in a few days and I really need to, but I have no reviews, and sometimes I don't know if that's really what I want to be known for here. I've increased my viewing of various films that I've been interested in seeing, but haven't had a chance to see. It's a shame because movies have been a BIG part of my life. When I was younger I would always go see some films with a bunch of friends. In my teen years it was almost ritualistic. That and bowling I guess, but with a wife and kids now time has become precious. It's all about time management I guess, but sometimes time just runs out. Between family commitments and work time is a harder commodity to juggle. So hence this write up on what else time management.

I read an article where a study said that depression hits people a lot in their mid-years. It doesn't come all at once, but develops through the years. The studies researchers stated that this is probably due to the fact that either people in mid-life have seen some of their friends & family pass on, and value life a little more precious. While other researchers have stated that people in their mid-life realize that maybe a lot of their dreams won't be full-filled.

Some people suffer more than others but in our data the average effect is large," said co-author Andrew Oswald. "It happens to men and women, to single and married people, to rich and poor, and to those with and without children. Nobody knows why we see this consistency."

So I have to say why do I still persist at this thing called filmmaking. Isn't it clear that you're not the Hollywood mogul you thought you would be. But here's the rub ladies & gent's I still have the desire to tell stories. It's not because that these stories are special, but maybe, just maybe these stories are worth listening to. I can't measure my success in million, but hundreds, or possibly thousands maybe, and that's all due to this thing we call the Internet.

Take for instance David Howell. Who you ask? David Howell that guy in Britain who video blogs. He's a filmmaker & fellow cineaste. I came across him and watched a rant that he did on his portable phone. It was quite interesting, and a bit inspiring because why he had the same thoughts as I did. Fellow film enthusiasts and aspiring filmmakers who have the same thoughts about this thing we call filmmaking.

There are a bunch of others out there too, and maybe that's what still draws me to filkmmaking. but the time management thing always gets in the way. We all live such busy lives, and all of us are trying to scrape together next months rent or mortgage. It's a hard thing for people to do, yet there is brilliance out there, and sometimes it inspires us. There is so much to do and say, but so little time. It's like the shy kid at the party. You know the one that's just bursting out to tell everyone what he or she can do, but instead stays silent because of his or hers own phobias.

How do you manage it? How do you get to the next project? By bringing down the walls. That's how, and I'm trying to do just that, but time.....

It's a motherF*er! Now excuse me while I spin out of control!

PS: I Like to thank the guys at for their contest. Seems I actually won , and how cool is that. I won a copy of the movie: "He Was A Quiet Man". Expect a review of that soon. Thanks for sponsoring the contest.

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