Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Romero Alert!

The latest Moviemaker magazine has a interesting yet brief interview with George A. Romero. Romero for those who don't know is & was the director of "Night of the Living Dead" (the orginal one), and it's sequels "Dawn of the Dead", "Day of the Dead" & "Land of the Dead". He's also done a lot of other films also, but that's probably where you've heard the name before.

In the article he talks about being an independent filmmaker in today's market, and he reveals some interesting tidbits on his deal with the "dead" films. For instance Romero does not get much from his films. It seems as though others hold the rights to them. The article talks about what he is doing, and what he would like to do. He was awarded a lifetime achievement award from the National Association of Latino Independent Awards in 2007.

Romero is currently living in Toronto where he is finishing two more films about the dead entitled "Diary of the Dead" & a yet Untitled George A. Romero Diary of the Dead Sequel. Romero goes on to say about re-inventing the franchise, and getting a piece of it himself. I had always thought he was the heart and soul of the franchise, and that Romero was taken care of in the financial area. I'm sure he's not hurting financially , but I hate to hear that Romero isn't getting his cut. Maybe it's my naivety, but for someone like Romero to be kicked around like that makes me a bit angry. What in blazes do I have a chance to ever play with the big boys when the big boys kick an icon like Romero around.

To his credit Romero isn't bitter. He is a bit frustrated, but he still is actively pitching projects. I ask you could there be a benevolent executive out there willing to take a chance on Romero? I mean come on folks the guy has a track record that kicks ass.

Okay I'm done fan boying around. I must say I was invigorated by Romero's honesty in the article, and I even have a deeper respect for the man then I did. In February Romero turns 68
and he says that he doesn't know how long he can do this. I think for February I'll be blogging about Romero & his films. Call it inspiration, but how about getting a blog-a-thon for Romero? Show him some love. As for the picture above yes that is me with Romero after seeing a presentation of the film "The Crazies" at the Cinema Arts Centre in Huntington Long Island. I blathered a few words and even gave him a copy of my film. I never expected anything from it and still don't. I just wanted to tell Romero that he was an inspiration to me, and I thanked him for his work.

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