Sunday, July 29, 2007

Stories & Celluloid

I never seem to have a problem about stories. I read a newspaper and the stories all jump out at me, and since I've been trying to write a script that I like you may ask then "what's the problem bud?"

The problem is how do I do films with meaning, and do justice by them knowing full well my resources are spare and limited. That's the frustrating part, and yet it isn't an excuse. I mean if I was this brilliant filmmaker which I imagine myself to be wouldn't I be able to overcome these hurtles. True artists overcome their hurtles, and roadblocks. What's my excuse? How can I do a story that not only I want to see and hear, but that will strike a familiar cord in others, and hopefully get them to see it?

Isn't that the trick? So hear it is early Sunday mourning, and I'm paralyzed. Which road to go down, and which story is closest to my heart to expend a lot of my limited resources on? A writer writes. Pen to paper. It's that simple. A painter paints. Paint brush to canvas. A filmmaker makes films, and sometimes getting the energy up to do yet another story can be a challenge. So much to do, and so many people to involve.

I need to get passionate about something I believe in, so I can convince others to follow me off into the abyss. Finding that passion is usually the hardest thing. Not the stories. Their easy & everywhere.

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