Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Clerks II

Okay so I said I wasn’t going to review films here because there are a lot better sites that do it, BUT since I’m a fan, and I do have admiration for Kevin Smith I’m going to. I can’t help it I like the guy.

Clerks II” is a funny film, and if you’re a fan of the first you’ll like this flick. I know Mr. Smith would like you to believe he’s an acerbic young punk who has a potty like mouth, and that he’s just a plain old sarcastic young man, but I beg to differ. After seeing “Clerks II” I believe Smith is a powder puff deep inside. Sure the dialogue is fresh, and full of funny pop culture type jokes, but in the end Smith goes for the schmaltz, and weirdly enough it works here. Smith even gets to say “something” here without hitting the viewer upside the head with his message.

Why does “Clerks” work? Because you love the characters. Maybe you see someone you know in them, or maybe it’s even yourself. Their anti-authoritarian attitude, and their I don’t give a crap attitude is what endears them to us. If you’re not a fan there’s no point in telling you to go see the film. But I do believe that Kevin Smith has made a nice follow-up to his debut film, and he’s even interjected some heartfelt emotion into the characters. Rosario Dawson is awesome, and both Brian C. O’Halloran and Jeff Anderson are hilarious. Kevin Smith says that “Clerks II” is probably his best film to date, and I may have to agree on that, but then again I’m a fan. I’ve enjoyed a lot of his films, yet I think “Clerks II” shows Kevin Smith’s growth as a filmmaker, and dare I say it a great date type movie. My wife and I were laughing quite a bit while watching it. The film works on all levels, and I believe everyone will find something to like in this film. Go see it, and have a good laugh.

On a personal note the film even inspired me. It's good filmmaking and the film has something to say. I walked out of the theater with a little more spring in my step. Seeing good films does that for me, and on a personal level it validated my desire to be a better filmmaker, and a more inspired one. Thanks Kevin!

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