Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Next Project?

So what to do now. I've completed a feature, and I've done several shorts. Now what? For a long time I've been looking for people who are in the same situation as me. People who had an overwhelming love for the cinema, but who also hold a firm grasp in reality. What do I mean by that you ask. The media is full of stories of people bucking the odds and getting their film made, but over the years I've met others who have danced the dance, and have been less successful. Mostly money, time, or both conspire against one and after all the film industry is a strange mistress. It will love you one minute and forget about you the next. For MYSELF I've been interested in film since I was a young teen, and it has given me much happiness as well as heartbreak. You do what you have to do, and with the tools you have. It's that simple. Glory, fame, money are all nice, but it's not what drives the engine. What drives the engine is the desire to create something better then yourself. Something that you can be proud of, and that says something. So the line for me has been between the academic world, and the entertainment industry. One feeds the other, and there is merit in both worlds. Since resources have been dry of late I have begun to dig deeper into the experimental. Maybe there I can feed the monster, and eventually apply what I've learned into another film. Everyday is a new day of opportunities and I need to look within myself for those inspirations. The catch phrase "Persistence of vision" keeps coming into my head. I was always told that persistence was the key to your goals. All I know is that I have stories to tell, and films to create, and I need to get on the stick, and do it. After all I'm not getting any younger.

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