Tuesday, October 11, 2005

It's in your head

The above is a saying my screenwriting teacher used to tell us, and she was SO right. Any idea starts in your head, and then gets written down. That journey from your head to the paper and finally onto the screen can be a long and cumbersome journey. Richard Rush took 10 years to get the movie "The Stuntman" made, and he suffered a heart attack in the interim. So though there is a lot of product out there in the market place. There is also a lot of junk too. Good writing is where it starts, and don't let anyone say any different. So I'm in the process of writing several things, and seeing which one pans out. I even have several ideas for shorts, but I'm a little put off in doing a short because there isn't really a big market out there for shorts, and if you're going to put in a lot of effort into a project it might as well be something you can market like a feature. The writing process can be one of frustration, and sheer isolation. It's you and the word processor, and that's it, and when there is no feed back you begin to question yourself and the work. Meanwhile time ticks away, and you're not getting any younger. Everyday you're not shooting your epic is another day you feel useless, but again it's all in the writing, so it is here where you need to get fired up, and maybe fire up some other people. Filmmaking never stops, and even when you think you're not doing something you actually are. It's a long road to the screen, and it's a road with a lot of traps, and pitfall. You need the story to drive you, and then you'll get through it all. Remember it's in your head.

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