Wednesday, May 04, 2005

What's Next?

I've been in a quandary for a while now. I've completed my first film, and I'm trying to get it into film festivals, but no luck there, so what do I do? I've been itching to do another film, but my resources are stretched thin. I'm also still working on getting my film "Deadly Obsessions" out there and seen. At this point all I want is to see it on a video shelf, but there isn't enough hours in the day for me to concentrate on selling the film, getting another film together, and of course working at my day job. After all I have a family and I like my job, so it's hard being torn in so many directions. I would like to just get a home for the film, and get it out there. I didn't make the film for profit though I was aware of keeping my overhead down so I could do the film for less, and for all intensive purposes I did that, but now I need to sell it. By the summer I'll be able to put the film onto DVD. Come hell or high water that's what I'd like to do. I've always thought that the internet would help me in selling my film, and I have several options there, but first I like to see if I could get some domestic distributors interested. I've been apprehensive about this due to my luck in the film festival community, but as someone said to me "just because you haven't gotten into a film festival doesn't mean the film is bad." So once again the push begins.

As for doing another film I've always been interested in anthologies, and long ago I wanted to do one with several partners, but it never happened, so I moved on. Now I'd like to re-visit the genre again, but this time with different themes then the one we were working on. Again I look at it as a practical way of doing a film. I can do it in spurts around my schedule. All that is needed is that I link the stories with a wrap-around story, and I think I may have that already. Of course there is little money to do this, but going the DV route is the most practical for me. I've been interested in many different things throughout the year and I've found several resources that inspire me, and excite me into doing new work. I've always thought that an artist does his or her best work with their back against the wall, and so I find myself there. I refuse to give up, and I refuse to go quietly into the night. I am a filmmaker and I have a lot to offer and say. There are others out there who have the same dream, and it's nice to know your not alone, and maybe someday on some project we can all pull our resources together and do the exceptional and make a stunning piece of work. The stuff of dreams, but a reality in the making.

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