Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Cutting Trailers, & selling a movie

The past few weeks I've been busy cutting trailers for my film "Deadly Obsessions", and looking into expanding the web site and getting a merchant account so I can start selling the film. I also need to put the film onto DVD, and I've been looking at pricing. In the past day I've finalized the video, and converted it into an MPEG file.

Cutting trailers is an art form all to itself. I read interviews with filmmakers who worked for Roger Corman, and in the interview they say that they would cut in a shot of an exploding helicopter if the footage from the film wasn't visual interesting. While cutting my trailer for the film that sentiment reverberated in my head for some time. To put it bluntly there are no rules to editing trailers. Just as long as you get people interested in the film. Well I haven't gone that far and edited in some exploding vehicles, but I hope I have made the film a bit more interesting with the footage I've included. At first I just sat at my editing console not knowing what I really wanted, but after talking to my wife, and a bit more staring I finally realized in what direction I wanted to go with. Did I want a narration throughout the trailer?, or did I just want music, and montage some scenes of the movie?, or did I want to just use both dialogue and picture to convey my story? I ultimatly choose the music route and I montaged a few scenes together. The results weren't too bad, and I hope to put it up sometime soon.

Which brings me to the redesign of the web site. I believe it needs to be restructured from the ground up. The actors page and a whose who of the film will be slightly modified, but the frontpage will defiantly be different. So when I finally get this done I'll post the link. Money is always a factor, so I may be moving my domain to another server, which I still need to learn to do. Filmbaby dot com is a choice I may also do. I figure the more the film is out there the more people will see it. The object is to get the film out there, and the web seems like the place to start.

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